I like to think of my photography as custom creative portraiture. Let me explain. To me, creative portraiture is the perfect balance between lifestyle photography and a classic family photo. I’m all about evoking feeling and capturing both the love and people in the moment, and fusing it with a more traditional style. And my photography is NOT about stuffy, unnatural, or stiff photos. That is SO not my thing.

I often tell clients that my sessions aren’t photo shoots.  They’re experiences…where there just happens to be a photographer there to capture it all!

If you book a session with Kimberly Joy Photography, you can expect lots of laughter, smiles, and real emotion caught on camera. I am all about finding that special something in your family and capturing it. My photography goes way beyond the old fashioned white shirts and jeans. You can let your hair down, relax, and enjoy the moment. I want you to look at these images for years to come and remember not only the click of the shutter, but more importantly the moments in between.

xo, Kim